us by the waves thrown tens of meters away, the internal organs are like burst in general, but he was like evil in the general, lost the ability to attack. Cangjing cold smile, a jump fly to the magic Ren, was trying to take each other s life. At the same time, Qi Yao jumped into the sky, with the posture to block each other. See Qi Yao came forward, Cangjing began to attack Qi Yao, PMI Certification metal cloak again and again flashing, two half empty war, a few hundred rounds turn. Cecilia s superb practice, more than 100 rounds, Qi Yao Although there is King Kong s body, but it has been unab.le to force, she beat the retreat, metal cloak flash, a strong air, directly hit the body to Qi Yao PMP , Qi Yao burst of rolling, fell to the side of the magic Yan. Cangjing a rotation, fell on the ground above, without any explanation of the waving once again metal cloak, attack magic rode away, she is a demon, know that with her youth, must also be a demon, King Kong surgery, and therefore imperative, that is the first PMP it exam Beheaded fantasy again. An invisible air and to Qi Ya is absolutely unparalleled loyalty, he turned a body, quickly turned into a huge Qi Yao beast, with their own body, forced to block the scene of the attack. Ah I saw Cangji

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